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Singles League 2021

  Due to numbers being restricted to 20 bowlers at any one time we are unable to have any major competitions, therefore we are introducing a singles league where matches can be played throughout the week.            

 Played on grass, 1000 baht  entry fee and 100 baht each time you play a match.

Prize fund dependent on entries 

Contact:  0995454272 or visit the 'Retreat Pattaya' Facebook for more details


At present we are still able to bowl but Covid Restrictions must be adhered to.

Sign in, temperature logged. social distancing, masks available  at all times. Booking in advance to control numbers, seating outside.

We apologise for any inconvenience but these element are essential to ensure everyone's safety.

Thank you for your support

The Retreat Management

Open Daily 1000-2000

Weekly Roll-Up- Wed/Fri/Sun 1000 and 1230 start.

                                    Draw for partners

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